This device uses frequencies to trigger endorphin release (your body’s natural morphine)  to help relieve pain and restore health without the use of drugs.    

Our current product the Wellness Pro PLUS  immediately addresses a major issue in the US – The OPIOID national emergency, Chronic Pain, Anxiety , Depression, Insomnia without drugs the possibility of side effects.  


Laws in the US and around the world are changing because of this out of control drug problem. Today pharmaceutical companies like Johnson&Johnson, Perdue Pharma, Teva just to name a few, are being sued for over-prescribing OPIOIDs. 

These changes will most likely affect all medical facilities including VAs and other government facilities.  Today, practitioners are under major pressure and serious jail time threats for over prescribing OPIOIDs.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but we believe most people around  the world are looking for alternative treatments to Drugs for themselves and their families . 

The Wellness Pro is a product that has greater efficacy than ANY device on the market. We have proven this for over almost 14 years now.

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We have an exclusivity contract with UDS, Inc hospitals.  We are working with them to get these devices into the hands of as many Vets as we can.    

· We have around 287 schools and universities that use our devices in their athletic departments.

· Our clients also include many professional athletes and teams NBA, NHL, NFL…

· We were just awarded Mexico COFEPRIS license and can sell our medical devices in Mexico. We recently opened a rep office in Queretaro Mexico.

· CCNM California college of Natural medicine is establishing the first Bioelectronics Therapist program in the country. They filed with the State of California last week to have our device included in their college curriculum. 

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· Diane Brooker, Pain from Lyme Disease -